Friday, August 26, 2016


A LETTER OF INQUIRY TO MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS,THE PRESIDENT OF KENYA HIS EXCELLENCY UHURU KENYATTA, CONCERNING THE ACCUSATIONS OF CHILD MOLESTATION ON AMBASSADOR MOI LEMOSHIRA. CC MINISTRY OF GENDER ,KEWOPA AND DIPLOMATIC COUNCIL . There have been numerous publications on various news paper with identical story where a 22 years old Ethiopian teen mother Ms Fatma is claiming that the ambassador/alleged child molester lured her into his embassy office when she was only 16 and broke her virginity because he was lonely.(Her passport shows her date of birth) The alleged child molester continued taking advantage of Fatma for another two years where she got pregnant then he was transferred to Algeria, Fatma flew to Kenya in 2014 and came to your offices Foreign Affairs ministry to see if she could get any assistance tracking ambassador Moi but your office was not so welcoming. Regardless to get Fatma out of your hair because she was making a scene you reluctantly contacted ambassador Moi who in return wired some air ticket money to Fatuma who flew back to Ethiopia. (Fatma kept the proof of wire transfer and her entry and exit stamp to and from Kenya). This is some serious allegations facing ambassador Lemoshira because of the following possible offenses if it's true, 1,SEX TRAFFICKING charges in sense that he allegedly took the 16 years old Ethiopian in his embassy office which is considered same as being in Kenya. So he allegedly imported a 16 years old Ethiopian child for sex purposes to Kenya. 2,CHILD MOLESTATION charges considering Fatma was only 16 years old when he lured her and broke her virginity by claiming he was so lonely and the child felt sorry for him. (mind games) 3, STATUTORY RAPE because considering Fatma was under age and still under her parental care. 4,if the accusations are true then ARTICLE SIX OF THE KENYAN CONSTITUTION has been breached. 5,If the allegations are true the he has gone against the AU memorandum, 6, He has breached the MAPUTO PROTOCOL . 7,UN treaty on human rights and children rights have been breached. 8.If it's true then we are dealing with a CHILD PREDATOR. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kenya) Kindly make a statement regarding this allegations,Tell us what is your position regarding the above crime, If it's true what disciplinary actions will you take against the ALLEGED CHILD MOLESTER? Will you give Ms Fatma and her child Justice ? Will you investigate if there are more victims we may not know of ?Deep inside am having some contention that this predatory behavior didn't start overnight.' We believe in our foreign affairs ministry and we know you will never side with perpetrators or become child molesters apologists. Looking forward for your statement regarding the above allegations. Regards Semeiyan Mashua Sharp ...Human and women rights defender.