Sunday, June 12, 2016

Global Whistle blower Lucy Mashua Sharp .

BREAKING By Kurgat Marindany Global whistle blower puts Nkedianye’s actions to question Kajiado governor David Nkedianye was yesterday put under spotlight over his alleged “patronage and meddling” of jobs distribution in the county. Chairperson of Global Stop FGM Campaign, Ambassador Lucy Semeyian , who based in Dallas Texas, USA yesterday blew a whistle detailing how the county government discriminate on job seekers. Semeyian’ message on her twitter handle explained how one, Eng. Leshinka Nkurrunka was interviewed for a position of Technical Manager at Olkejuado Water Services Company and scored top points but was later denied the job because of alleged “clanism”. Former Interior CS, Joseph ole Lenku and Kajiado Woman Representative, Mary Seneta both picked up Semeyian’s tweet and the matter went viral. The two pointed accusing fingers at governor Nkedianye and claimed Nkurrunka is just one example of many wrongs in the county government and questioned the rationale it uses in hiring civil servants. Our attempts to reach Nkedianye on his cell phone were not fruitful as he failed to pick it and could not even respond to our message asking him to respond to his accusers. A copy of a letter attached to Semeyian’s tweet that was addressed to Nkurrunka and signed by one, Catherine from Tanathi Water Service Board, which interviewed him for the job, says in part; “This is to inform you you emerged the top most suitable candidate band therefore yo u have been appointed technical manager at OLWASCO”. This was never to be because the Egerton University water engineering graduate was replaced by a diploma holder, Robert Munei. In the county government advert that was placed on a local national newspaper, the minimal requirement for the position was a degree holder in water engineering. Munei during the interview that was conducted at the East African Portland scored 296 points out of a possible 600 marks (49 per cent) while Nkurrunka scored 493 marks out of 600 (76 per cent). Lenku said; “What happened to the man is discrimination, he met all the qualifications but nepotism by the county government denied him a chance. I vow that this will never happen under my administration when I become the next governor.” “I personally called Nkurrunka and I was saddened by the rejection he felt at that moment. Even with confirmation letter that he had been the best during the interview Nkedianye denied him a chance to serve after he was replaced by a diploma holder,” said Lenku yesterday on his twitter handle. Seneta said “This is unacceptable and is pure impunity on the side of the governor. I condemn with the strongest terms possible”.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


HOW I REMEMBER MAMA LUCY KIBAKI, SHE OPENED MY EYES IN 2003 SIMPLY INSPIRING! I wrote a speech for her at the 13th ICASA International Conference on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa,I was among thousands of youths that volunteered in various dockets , I was the head volunteer in community desk international relations and PR, Then a week close to the conference we received a message from the state house that our desk was entirely responsible with speech writing for the First Lady Mama Lucy and minister of health hon Charity Ngilu , We were all in panic because it was hard to please First Lady at least hon Ngilu was the cool .com, Well I stepped in and appointed several others to do it so we all began writing and by the end of the day I found out they had all wrote for the minister of health not the First Lady ,I remember staying up late to 4 in the morning in our office at KICC and I wrote the speech saved it in floppy disk and the desk top and emailed it to our supervisor Mrs Mary Kairo .The next day I came in at 9am a bit late and when I got inside the office everyone was cheering and clapping "Maasai you did it,Maasai you did it" and I was like "Yes we did it all of us did it" well the speech was delivered to the state house later that afternoon, I went through hon Ngilu's speech just added a little bit of my charm and it was delivered as well, The day before the conference the over 8000 international delegates started arriving they were jet lagged but they had to come in and get their registration packages that volunteers had put together, It was hectic they were tired and guess what I went to the intercom and started singing songs to cheer them up and volunteers down stairs would sing along,Everyone including delegates would clap and dance around, Come the day of the conference and it was time for First Lady Mama Lucy to address the attendees, (I was like she won't read the speech you wrote for her lol Seme stay in your lane) . Then she began reading the speech word by word I had memorized it and I was mouthing everything,I almost passed out I couldn't believe it. Then came Hon Ngilu's turn she read the speech my colleagues and I wrote word by word and I was so happy for my team. After the address First Lady was about to leave and then someone came looking for me and I was like 'Am I in trouble?' They said no First Lady want to talk to you , I said if it's about the speech I totally take full responsibility for letting my country down, lol before I knew it First Lady who hated waiting on anyone was coming my way and she was smiling phew! She said for a volunteer to write such a passionate speech about HIV&AIDS that was great, I said First Lady it was all team work we did it all together and some of the volunteers were living with HIV so they inspired the speech a lot because it was their reality they live it and am just positive at heart. And they wrote for the minister of health speech as well. First Lady told me that she sees the fire in me and she knows am not an embarrassment to the name LUCY she said this while reading my badge and she was like one day you will save your nation from any shame and don't let the MEN intimidate you because they are scared of a woman with a brain and you are beautiful they will give you hell! She thanked the team and then she walked away and turned around and said 'Rucy wewe ni ubwa kari 😂😂😂😂' I laughed and then I did something stupid I barked! She laughed like really loud and said Rucy's don't bark they bite !! Yes that's how former First Lady built me up and I saw in me what I knew i was supposed to be. May her soul rest in everlasting peace may her spirit of family values continue to be our moral guide by believing Kenya is a large family house where all Kenyans live in.
Yours truly Umbwa Kali who bites. Lucy.M.S ....✍🏾✍🏾

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

CNN highlighted FGM as still rampant in my home country Kenya (video .

FGM in Kenya still rampant and children being transported back from abroad for the purpose. Very sad clip and thank you CNN for exposing the truth without an affiliation with organizations that spread propagandas, Thank you for not calling it cutting/circumcision thanks for calling this torture MUTILATION. Global Ambassador for fighting FGM Lucy Mashua Sharp

Saturday, March 7, 2015

My speech March 7th 2015 at University of Oxford London.International Women's Day by Amb Lucy Mashua

My speech March 7th 2015 at University of Oxford London. International Women's Day by Amb Lucy Mashua (Speech read by Dr Tobe at Oxford University London UK on behalf of Lucy Mashua Sharp.) International Women's day March 7th 2015 on FGM in Oxford University London. Hello distinguished women and gender sensitive men. I take this honored day to say thank you to my sister and a friend of many years, Dr Tobe Levin for organizing this event, I want to thank Oxford University for opening doors so we can hold church here today LOL, (Event here today). Thank you all the wonderful live givers/ WOMEN who are here today and all the gender sensitive men here today, honoring the WOMEN of the world today, March 7th International Women's day. Please continue to imagine I am here and Dr Tobe is not reading this on my behalf and y'all will be fine. Women, we are the reason of joy, laughter, peace, love, respect, yet we hardly receive this back so we have to fight to receive at least a fraction of it back. Women, we are givers of lives, yet our lives are taken heartlessly away everyday, if not taken for granted. Women, we are compassionate, nurturing and empathetic yet we are treated like second, third class citizens, if not like nothing, or a solid matter. Women, we fight for our families, our clans, our villages, our nations,our races, our men and children yet when it comes to our God given rights we pay with tears and blood. Women, we are born perfectly with great feminine features, yet we are made to feel like it's a crime to be born a woman, there are all kinds of FEMALE GENDER AND SEXUALITY GENOCIDES.
From our genitals mercilessly mutilated hacked and fed to animals and our blood leaked by dogs and other animals. Everyday over 8000 Women and girls are mutilated in Africa alone, over 3 million annually. If we do the math and help WHO update their misleading global statistics from their 140 millions estimation for the last 3 decades, which has remained at 140, Yet everyday thousands are mutilated! I bet it's a man in charge of the statistics at WHO, a Mr Douche Bag III. I am so happy for the center stage and global shine FGM atrocity has been exposed. I salute Europe particularly UK for the excellent work y'all are doing here, in the US they are still lazy and unwilling, so please say a prayer for us before I burn the house down. UK you have led in the example of working with survivors and letting their voices lead the way, however there is a universal discrimination when it comes to fundings. It's the same everywhere, but I think in the US it's worse and its racist. Y'all want to use our voices and stories, yet you don't trust us with your money unless a white elephant supervises us, especially vocal black women, our campaigns remains behind keyboards and smartphones. Thank you UK authorities, from the parliament to the police, you have been tremendous heroes in the fight against FGM. I am really jealous of the UK activists, UK healthcare workers from surgeons to clinic officers, you have treated survivors with great honor and compassion. Thank you to all that provides repairs of fistula, hernia, vagina keloids, fibroids, cysts and scar tissues, you are all life savers, survivors lives with one, if not more permanent pains, and did I hear that Mr Douche Bag the IV said WOMEN are the weaker sex? Lol, the jokes is on him as we are the strongest sex! UK you lead, we follow, while others sleep, now enough of word of mouth, we join efforts weave from talks to actions.
There is Breast ironing where a hot iron is used to flatten women breasts to stop looking too female and sexual! There is teeth uprooting from the lower jaw, two middle teeth with pliers, or a good manly fist blow, so a woman's smile can not be too sexy! There is body marking/patterns with red hot iron, or knife to barbecue a woman's facial skin, because having a clear beautiful skin is too sexual and know women are sexual objects, not sexual beings, I know y'all agree with me on that one, *Irony*. There is the shaving of women hair to bald, because hair is too sexual for women. In the westernized world (developed world) women are not valued either there is forced prostitution, (Brothels and Massage parlors), where women are pimped by pimps after they take all of their money. Women are discriminated on jobs and hiring. You will find a well educated intelligent women like Dr Tobe (and I thank you all if you insist, you can call me Dr Mashua) hired as janitors, while a man like Mr Douche Bag, who never even finished college, is the senior supervisor of finances and after few months he bankrupts the company people, loses income only to replace him with Mr Douche Bag II. And that is why this is a man's world, but it's nothing without a woman or a girl, because all these fools are doing, is destroying the world and because women are super strong and intelligent, we still clean after them and try to rebuild this broken world destroyed by broken men. God bless the women of this world, we are still strong, even when everyone would understand if we give up. We are beaten down, stepped on, trampled down, yet we rise up again determined to fight like a wounded tiger and that is the STRENGTH OF A WOMAN, AND THE SOUL OF A WOMAN IS NEVER DESTROYED!
Yes, yes women stand up honor yourself, clap for your self, praise your self, dance with yourself, because you are worth it and you are the giver of life. Only in a woman's womb can another human grow indiscriminately. Without us there would be no life. Without us this world would be ugly! A Lion is the king of the jungle yet he bows for his queen! Men should be thrown in the jungle to learn from the lion on how to treat women as queens or be eaten! Women we should learn to be brave like lionesses and demand to be treated like Queens or else. We know the value of our sexuality and we know who the real weaker sex is?*wink* God bless the women of this world and the gender sensitive men. Thank you very much Ambassador Lucy Mashua Sharp Global Ambassador for fighting FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION, and standing up for Women's rights. President of Mashua voice for the voiceless. At University of Oxford London March 7th 2015 read by Dr Tobe Levin on behalf of Me.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

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Monday, October 6, 2014


AN ENEMY TO ONE OF US IS AN ENEMY TO ALL.WHAT HURTS ONE OF US,HURTS US ALL,A HARM ON ONE OF US IS A THREAT TO ALL OF THE HUMANITY BECAUSE ONE IS FAR TOO MANY.BY LUCY S,MASHUA,SHARP OCT 6TH 2014. Dear supporters and people truly in the fight against FGM I would love to publicly inform you that I know first hand president Obama is against FGM please read the letter he personally wrote to me in 2007 before he was even the president,I know former secretary of state and the office of Ambassador Verveer Global women issues since 2009 I personally took care of my expenses all my trips to DC for all the meetings, My Rep Eddie Bernice Johnson has been very supportive in the fight against FGM, I walked bare footed in DC from one office to another asking members of congress and the senate to support a bill that will protect the over 280,000 US girls at risk. I requested the U.S. Department of State through the office of Ambassador Verveer Global Women Issues to observe INTERNATIONAL ZERO TOLERANCE DAY AGAINST FGM I never stopped asking and yes through my efforts it happened for the first time in the US in 2012. All documented below and my communication with the appropriate offices. The offices that i attest were very supportive and I still believe in them and I don't believe they would ever invite a PRO FGM ACTIVIST IN ANY OF THEIR MEETINGS! So now I am receiving threats as to why I am questioning who could have invited a very well known PRO-FGM AND GAVE HER THE FLOOR TO INCITE CHILD ABUSE,BREAK THE INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAW (MAPUTO PROTOCOL) IN THE WHITE HOUSE? A MEETING THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO DISCUSS WAYS OF PROTECTING OVER 280,000 US GIRLS AT RISK!! WHO IS ENDANGERING THE LIVES OF SURVIVORS AND THOSE AT RISK IN THE US? FUAMBAI IS A SELF CONFESSED CHILD ABUSER SHE TOOK HER 6 YEARS OLD SISTER FROM THE US TO BE MUTILATED! WHO IS FUNDING HER?AND WHO IS FUNDING THE ONES INVITED HER? it could be one of the following may be a/an group,individual,friend,news paper/media,politician,a sister,a brother,a pastor,an Imam,a movement,lobbyist,businessman/woman,committee. NOW AM RECEIVING THREATS AND PEOPLE ASSOCIATED WITH ME FOR QUESTIONING IMPUNITY? IT IS SIMPLE WHO INVITED A PROUD PRO FGM/MUTILATOR ACTIVIST TO AN ANTI-FGM MEETING OCTOBER THE 2ND IN THE WHITE HOUSE? CLEARLY THEY HAVE NO GOOD INTENTIONS THEY SNEAKED A KNOWN CRIMINAL WHO HAVE COMMITTED AND STILL INCITES CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ENDANGERING THE LIVES OF OVER 280,000 US GIRLS AT RISK. WELL HELP ME SHOUT AND LETS SPREAD THIS LIKE FIRE AS WE HAVE DONE BEFORE OUR LOYALTY REMAINS WITH THE VICTIMS(DEAD BECAUSE OF FGM),SURVIVORS AND TRUE ACTIVISTS TO THE CAUSE. I AM SORRY IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED THREATENING EMAILS AND CALLS BECAUSE YOU SIMPLY KNOW ME.AM SURE THE GOVERNMENT WILL PROTECT US AND DEAL WITH THE CRIMINALS ACCORDING TO THE LAW I BELIEVE IN AMERICA AND AMERICANS.AM GOING TO CALL The White House,my Governor Rick Perry, my Senator Ted Cruz my Rep and my friend Eddie Bernice Johnson ,and report all possible threats to the authorities. Never ever be afraid to stand up against any form of impunity! AN ENEMY TO ONE OF US IS AN ENEMY TO ALL.WHAT HURTS ONE OF US,HURTS US ALL,A HARM ON ONE OF US IS A THREAT TO ALL OF THE HUMANITY BECAUSE ONE IS FAR TOO MANY.BY LUCY S,MASHUA,SHARP OCT 6TH 2014.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

London Members of Parliament home affairs committee takes a stand against FGM and girl's at risk protection,early detection! Yes! Compiled reports by Standard London,Jacqueline Dale Shaw-Mashua Against FGM,Hilary Burrage-No FGMBook,and Amb Lucy Mashua

#CATCHTHISFGMITSUCKSTOBEYOU!-- Doctors, teachers and other public workers were today told that 'cultural sensitivities' must no longer obstruct the fight against female genital mutilation as MPs called for a national campaign to stamp out the practice. The Home Affairs Select Committee said that 'misplaced concerns' about challenging traditional practices within some ethnic communities were 'one of the main reason' why girls living in Britain were still suffering mutilation. The warnings came in a report on the scale of FGM, which calls for a national action plan and the regular medical examination of girls at 'high risk'. Changes in the law would include the introduction of 'FGM protection orders' and a legal duty for doctors to report mutilation. "FGM is not cultural, it is criminal; it is not tribal, it is torture; it is not an initiation but inhumane. Those who conduct this abuse, or silently standy by whilst it occurs, should and will be relentlessly pursued with the full force of the law"
My friend Member of Parliament Karl Turner the fight against FGM brought us together,He is one hell of a good person,I even asked him to meet with some of my UK partners of our GLOBAL FGM STATEMENT and he said "sure Mashua".Thank you chairman Keith Vaz MP,Mp Turner and all the MPs in home affairs office.Thank you for stamping the atrocious beast down! The report that was published July 3rd by House of Commons Home Affairs Committee. The Committee chaired by Keith Vaz MP, reflects much of what we (Honorary members of Global statement on FGM) proposed click here to view – compulsory PSHE, proper training for concerned practitioners, more support for community activists. The British Government’s FGM agenda has moved on, as activists globally and domestically have campaigned relentlessly for action to eradicate what the Home Affairs Committee (Vaz) Report tells us, even on conservative estimates, is probably ‘one of the most prevalent forms of severe child abuse in the UK‘ [para 14]. There is much in the Report to commend it. Amongst other measures the cross-party Committee affirms that FGM is embedded in patriarchy and calls for a national action plan – perhaps like that emerging in 2011? – to address this criminal gender-based violence and extreme form of child abuse [8]; proposes some amendment of the law to make prosecution easier [97] (mainly, to include people who are not permanently resident) chastises the police [76] for failing to make significant efforts to apprehend offenders – whether as principals or as accessories after the fact (but more could be said about the need for a diverse police force which understands and can read the signs from different communities); suggests that FGM victims should be given press and broadcast anonymity [36]; recommends the Multi-Agency Practice Guidelines are updated and placed on a statutory footing [45] (the Committee says they require active promotion, and queries why the General Practitioners are not signatories [44]); recognises the urgent need for more training of front-line professionals and practitioners [44] across the health, education and social services (though it fails to say by whom); calls for much more accurate information on where [11] and on how many girls and women FGM is carried out [12] (some systematic data collection has just been instigated); would like to see more personal and health – including psychological and psychiatric [107] – FGM care provision across the nation [106], as well as dedicated FGM shelters [110]; proposes clarification of the status of re-infibulation [88] and genital cosmetic surgery [89]; praises the third and voluntary sectors, and individual campaigners, for their steadfast work to raise awareness of FGM and says they need much more resourcing [104] (albeit not how this will be made available); proposes that all antenatal booking interviews include a question on the mother’s FGM status [56] and that any perceived risk of FGM be entered in baby girls’ Personal Child Health Record (Red Books) as well as alerting safeguarding authorities [57] (but the Committee doesn’t propose any single route for this alert); acknowledges the case for some enabling of medical examination when girls are thought to be, or to have been, at risk [37] (but with typical British reticence rejects routine examination of all small children such as in France, where many prosecutions have been secured – and where paediatric health checks are the norm); commends the Secretary of State for Education for his recent letter to schools on FGM (and suggests re-ending it, with a link to funding to encourage all recipients to read it) [66]; and … crucially, puts aside Ministerial reservations [63] to recommend that personal, social and health education (PSHE) must at last become part of the compulsory curriculum, and that all headteachers and child protection officers must have FGM and forced marriage safeguarding training, to be disseminated to staff before the end of 2014 [66]. The recommendation for compulsory PSHE, including information on FGM in high-prevalence areas [67] is a big breakthrough which, if it happens, will be widely celebrated by everyone with an informed view.
Thank you Hilary Burrage for candid informative report. UK way to lead this fight against FGM and protecting British girls.