Friday, April 19, 2013

The attack on Keir Starmer DPP was uncalled for and it was RACIST by Councillor Rakhia Ismail! Shame on you Rakhia! You owe that sweet man an APOLOGY!! FGM DO EXIST.By Ambassador Lucy Mashua Sharp.

Racism goes both ways! And now race cards are being played by FGM condoners / mutilators / ignorants / deniers and just the stupids!! Most African females that condone or deny FGM are using racism "White vs Black" to attack the white activists working and joining in the fight against FGM , Yes I know there is a history of white organisations that continue to use African problems like FGM and mortality rate for their own profit or 5 minutes of fame, and they make sure none of African led non-profits gets directly funded to fight FGM without them involved. But with that said I know tones of Westerners activists who genuinely condemn FGM and really are dedicated to help end this barbaric atrocious practice worldwide!!, So some few very few so called educated African females living in the west that condones or deny FGM they are using racism as a tool to silence the white activists and law makers who sincerely want to see the end of FGM , The attack on a top legal chief Keir Starmer by Councillor Rakhia Ismail ( Somali origin and a survivor of FGM herself) , was uncalled for , stupid, and just racist!! Shame on you Rakhia by ignoring FGM happens to this day and millions of young girls and women are suffering and because you have not done anything about FGM you are ashamed you are not voicing of problems affecting your very own because you are so full of your self it made you feel embarrassed when a white male tabled concern about FGM prosecutions in the UK!! Why be so defensive ma'am ? Are you guilty or embarrassed ? "Director of Public Prosections Keir Starmer told an audience at Islington Town Hall that no one had been prosecuted under a 28-year-old law banning female genital mutilation (FGM) in Britain because it was too difficult to do so.Instead, he suggested charges of child abuse should be brought." Tell me is there something wrong with a genuine concern like these?, Why would you launch an astonishing RACIST attack on someone who genuinely want human rights abusers prosecuted?, by calling him "white middle-class bourgeoisie” who think that “all ethnic minority people are barbaric”.Educate yourself FGM does not only happens in Africa or to African immigrants only it is also in the Middle East ! Who are you protecting, RACE,CULTURE,RELIGION or MUTILATORS ? Yes I know when you want to win a debate and to silence a strong opponent yell the word RACIST and you will succeed to silence your opponent and cowardly cheat into winning debate!! Which I think it's total bull crap and people who play this cards are full of crap!! Councillor Rakhia Ismail you owe the director of public prosecution an apology, you ought to be investigated and finally shame on you for playing the RACE card on a silent killer like FGM which happens every 8-11 seconds to be honest you are the RACIST!, you are also a derby downer to every genuine Anti FGM activist, you are also an embarrassment to African women especially we East African women, and finally shame on you for throwing FGM survivors and victims under the bus and for denying FGM is going on!! By the Global Ambassador for fighting FGM and standing up for Women rights Ambassador Lucy Mashua Sharp.