Thursday, April 28, 2016


HOW I REMEMBER MAMA LUCY KIBAKI, SHE OPENED MY EYES IN 2003 SIMPLY INSPIRING! I wrote a speech for her at the 13th ICASA International Conference on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa,I was among thousands of youths that volunteered in various dockets , I was the head volunteer in community desk international relations and PR, Then a week close to the conference we received a message from the state house that our desk was entirely responsible with speech writing for the First Lady Mama Lucy and minister of health hon Charity Ngilu , We were all in panic because it was hard to please First Lady at least hon Ngilu was the cool .com, Well I stepped in and appointed several others to do it so we all began writing and by the end of the day I found out they had all wrote for the minister of health not the First Lady ,I remember staying up late to 4 in the morning in our office at KICC and I wrote the speech saved it in floppy disk and the desk top and emailed it to our supervisor Mrs Mary Kairo .The next day I came in at 9am a bit late and when I got inside the office everyone was cheering and clapping "Maasai you did it,Maasai you did it" and I was like "Yes we did it all of us did it" well the speech was delivered to the state house later that afternoon, I went through hon Ngilu's speech just added a little bit of my charm and it was delivered as well, The day before the conference the over 8000 international delegates started arriving they were jet lagged but they had to come in and get their registration packages that volunteers had put together, It was hectic they were tired and guess what I went to the intercom and started singing songs to cheer them up and volunteers down stairs would sing along,Everyone including delegates would clap and dance around, Come the day of the conference and it was time for First Lady Mama Lucy to address the attendees, (I was like she won't read the speech you wrote for her lol Seme stay in your lane) . Then she began reading the speech word by word I had memorized it and I was mouthing everything,I almost passed out I couldn't believe it. Then came Hon Ngilu's turn she read the speech my colleagues and I wrote word by word and I was so happy for my team. After the address First Lady was about to leave and then someone came looking for me and I was like 'Am I in trouble?' They said no First Lady want to talk to you , I said if it's about the speech I totally take full responsibility for letting my country down, lol before I knew it First Lady who hated waiting on anyone was coming my way and she was smiling phew! She said for a volunteer to write such a passionate speech about HIV&AIDS that was great, I said First Lady it was all team work we did it all together and some of the volunteers were living with HIV so they inspired the speech a lot because it was their reality they live it and am just positive at heart. And they wrote for the minister of health speech as well. First Lady told me that she sees the fire in me and she knows am not an embarrassment to the name LUCY she said this while reading my badge and she was like one day you will save your nation from any shame and don't let the MEN intimidate you because they are scared of a woman with a brain and you are beautiful they will give you hell! She thanked the team and then she walked away and turned around and said 'Rucy wewe ni ubwa kari 😂😂😂😂' I laughed and then I did something stupid I barked! She laughed like really loud and said Rucy's don't bark they bite !! Yes that's how former First Lady built me up and I saw in me what I knew i was supposed to be. May her soul rest in everlasting peace may her spirit of family values continue to be our moral guide by believing Kenya is a large family house where all Kenyans live in.
Yours truly Umbwa Kali who bites. Lucy.M.S ....✍🏾✍🏾