Thursday, October 8, 2009


It's pointlesss to negotiate with anyone not to mutilate your vagina or your daughters,sister,mother,friend even young girls you don't know and women around the globe...I don't see how you will beg for someone not to mutilate your clitoris or stitch up your vagina or your daughters even your worst enemy's!
Gone are the days that we hoped this would change after years of organisations getting funds to combat FGM fruitless because they are friends and sympathizers of mutilators ..oooh..we have to approach this matter in a polite way its the custom and culture so as they say..who are you kidding? tell it to the girl who has been mutilated! for heavenly sake this is a GENOCIDE OF VAGINAS! or WITCH HUNTING OF CLITORIS!
I refuse to beg or negotiate with a mutilator not to mutilate girls and women anymore! now we get to nitty and gritty we are after you .you either STOP or FACE JAIL! and for the organisations that are friends and supporters of mutilators you will perish with them!
We are not going to beg for our God given humanrights!!
The voice
Ambassador Lucy .s .Mashua President of Mashua's voice for the voiceless International
Assisting refugees in the US and representation in advocasy
The Global Ambassador for fighting Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and standing up for Women’s Rights.
And the Chairperson of a worldwide campaign against FGM.