Wednesday, December 9, 2009

While we celebrate Christmas Girls undergo FGM and Early marriages in Kenya!

Two pregnant girls were forcefully circumcised in Pokot Central District as the season for the rite got under way in the North Rift region.

According to Ms Lilian Plapan, the chairperson of Setat Women Organisation, the girls aged 15 and 16 years were circumcised at the weekend in Kaptabuk village in preparation for their marriage.

According to the Pokot community, it is a taboo to marry uncircumcised women and girls who fall pregnant have to be initiated before giving birth.

Mrs. Plapan said a Form Three student at Kaibichbich Girls Secondary School ran away from home and sought refuge at a rescue centre for girls escaping from forced circumcision and early marriage in Makutano township, West Pokot District.

Some 140 under-age girls have been circumcised in the larger West Pokot District since the season started last week.

Anti-FGM crusaders have reported that 30 girls have been circumcised in Kapenguria and Kong’elai, 48 in Alale and Kiwawa, and 66 in Chesegon and Sigor.

In Marakwet, three girls were rescued from the rite in Tirap and Embobut.

“They are being taken care of by nuns at Saint Luke Catholic church in Tot,” said Ms Maryhylda Kiplagat, the programme officer at Marakwet Girls and Women Organisation.

In a related development, an organisation that fights the practice has written to the United Nations to force the government to intervene and save 350 girls expected to be circumcised in North Rift this season.

The executive director of the Inter-African Committee (IAC) on traditional practices, Ms Berhane Ras-Work, said the State should take action against circumcisers.

“By this letter, we would like to appeal to you to stop this gruesome ritual,” she said.

The letter follows that of Canadian MP Keith Martin to the UN and the African Union, condemning the ongoing female circumcision.

Ambassador Lucy .s .Mashua President of Mashua's voice for the voiceless International
Assisting refugees in the US and representation in advocasy
The Global Ambassador for fighting Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and standing up for Women’s Rights.
And the Chairperson of a worldwide campaign against FGM.

Sources said the girls, aged 15 and 16, were initiated to prepare for their marriage
Dear friends of humanity over 600 hundrend girls in Riftvalley province have already gone through the Vagina GENOCIDE... this is cruel! in humane! can you imagine pregnant girls being tied down on the ground and their clitoris chopped pff then next day married of? to an older man with multiple of other wives CAN YOU EVER IMAGINE THE MAN FORCING HIMSELF IN ON A BLEEDING INFECTED VAGINA? what is wrong people? for how long will you just ignore when humanity is being destroyed? can we have men who will stand up and fight AGAINST FGM? ... now in that district alone POKOT 350 girls will undergo FGM ...but we can STOP that! and give them a Christmas to remember gift sign a petition that Hans and Lauren and I will create and ask AMNESTY international to the whole of Rift valley province where I come from 1800 girls will undergo FGM as Christmas celebration and all of them get married off! am talking of age 9-16 people lets ask organisations like WORLD VISION, PLAN INTERNATIONAL who sponsor most of this girls to join hands with us and sign this petition to protect those girls ....please post it everywhere and everyday....untill something happens! KENYAN GOVERNMENT should act! The argument in favour of FGM is selfish in the extreme. In as much as the government must put in place and implement legislation against FGM, it is also the duty of leaders and the powerful in the society to educate the common, illiterate Kenyans on the benefits of allowing our daughters to enjoy their sexuality. They may initially face opposition but these are risks leaders must take.
someone told me that they will pray for this girls there is nothing else can be done...ooh HELL NO I beg to differ enough with words the bible says FAITH WITHOUT ACTION IS DEAD! I say people and Fans of MASHUA AGAINST FGM its time for ACTION! I call all organisations to join our fight!

I would thank Hans Lak for setting up Mashua against Fgm facebook page,

I also thank hundrens of Fans that have joined within 3 days,

I thank Nation media for exposing this..

I thank David Kimani Manjau who helped on this research.

I thank you my Fan and my future Fans for caring enough I say thank you

The Global Ambassador for fighting Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and standing up for Women’s Rights.
And the Chairperson of a worldwide campaign against FGM.