Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Girl, 10, rescued from forced marriage & her 4yr old brother who was a slave from my own village LOITOKTOK, research by Minister David Manjau

Story done by Standard Kenya and Lucy Mashua Usa

Police in Kwale have arrested a man for allegedly marrying a schoolgirl.
The girl, 10, from Loitoktok my own village where I was born and raised and cases like this are not new it's everyday activity:( my heart bleeds I pray for women and all children both boys and girls as a mother of both sexes I know and having been sold too at the age of 12 believe me I know and that it's why I choose to be the voice for the voiceless expose all this sexual assults in the name of religion culture and all craps! was in Class Four when her parents forcefully married her off to the man, 40, in Diani, Msambweni District immediately after FGM at 9 years of age....
A Good Samaritan, Ms Deril Nyawera, said the girl had been married as a second wife after the man paid Sh13,000 (US 170$) dowry(total cost of what she is worth) to her family this takes me back when I knew that I was just a man's property a tomato in the market!.
"The girl came to me crying and asked for help. She told me her father had married her off to an old man as a second wife," Nyawera told The Standard.
She took her to Diani Police Station and reported the matter to the OCS.
Apparently, her parents had also given her a four-year-old brother to take care of in her new home.
Cultural practices this is no culture this is human and sex slavery ,rape and all the evil things!
When The Standard visited her in Nyawera’s home in Diani on Monday, she said she had been living with the man for three weeks raping her every day so sick this heartless creature is!.
"I didn’t want to get married( a strong girl she already had plans for her future very brave girl I SALUTE YOU BABY GIRL.. I wanted to continue with my education but my father forcefully married me off to that old man," she said.
Kwale OCPD Nelson Okioga said when they interrogated the man, he said boastfully his traditions allow him to marry as many wives as possible.( this sick man should rot in jail agrrrrrrrr
"We want the so-called cultural practices ( I add rape,sex slavery,child labour come on a 4yr old boy to help in the chores? all the unspeakable acts) to cease being used as an excuse to mistreat girls( no mr Okonga this is not mistreat..this is child slavery,rape,human trafficking and it is a crime 25 years to life and no parole)," said Mr Okioga.
He also took issue with the parents for marrying their daughter off.
"The parents are also wrong. We will trace and take them to court " he added. (plse take them straight to jail and place the rest of their children in children homes and rescue centers. contact me I know of a secret rescue place this kids can be safe mashuavoiceforthevoiceless@gmail.com), And Loitoktok is a small village you will trace the parents put them in handcuffs!
He said the man would appear in court, while the girl would be taken to hospital. "The girl alleged she was assaulted by the man," he added. (hey mister not alleged this poor girl was raped night and day by this 40 yr old creature! and what about the 4 YEAR OLD HOME SLAVE OR IS IT BECAUSE HE IS A BOY? YOU ARE WRONG HE HAS EQUAL RIGHTS AS THE GIRL WE WANT JUSTICE FOR HIM TOO. WE WILL PROTEST IF THIS PEOPLE INVOLVED ARE NOT LOCKED UP AND THIS WILL BE A BIG LESSON TO ALL OTHERS!
Factors such as poverty, ignorance or greedy parents force several families to marry off their daughters at an early age.
The introduction of free primary education in 2003 reduced cases of early marriages, but they are still rampant in poor districts, especially at the Coast.
However, child rights activists insist all children should be allowed to be children.
They argue parents, society and the Government have a responsibility over their children.
Children officers have rescued many girls from forced marriages and helped them return to school.
The Provincial Administration has also helped fight the vice and residents advised to raise the alarm and report such cases.No problem we will report but tell me how many are in jail now? none! WALK THE TALK KENYAN GOVERNMENT!

Please teach all your children to speak up .if this champion 10 year old girl did not speak up how could she and her brother be rescued? I can tell she is going to be a great advocate for human rights.

Ambassador Lucy .s .Mashua President of Mashua's voice for the voiceless International
Assisting refugees in the US and representation in advocasy
The Global Ambassador for fighting Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and standing up for Women’s Rights.
And the Chairperson of a worldwide campaign against FGM.