Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NTV Investigates: Dreams and nightmares human trafficking Pt. 1,2,3

It is said to be Africa's largest human trafficking syndicate. Its route stretches all the way from Southern Ethiopia to South Africa. It is an illegal trade involving immigration officers and human traffickers, churning up to 200 millions shillings from desperate Ethiopians, fleeing economic hardship. Some make it in through that long journey south, while others end up in Kenyan jails. In the first of a three-part series, 'Dreams and Nightmares,' NTV's Yassin Juma begins our coverage of this illicit trade from the border town of Moyale.

In our second part of the investigative series Dreams and Nightmares, Yassin Juma crosses over into Ethiopia to track down the traffickers and get to the core of the illegal trade of human trafficking. The main trafficker, a feared man of Ethiopian nationality, is unmasked.
450,000 shillings an hour for an immigration officer !!!! at current rates that is around 5625 u.s dollars an hour!!!
In the last of our three part investigative series, Dreams and Nightmares, Yassin Juma and Mustafa Mwalim are arrested on their way from Ethiopia as powerful men behind the human trafficking trade become uncomfortable with their presence. The two NTV reporters later manage to track down illegal aliens from Moyale, Marsabit and Isiolo into their hideouts in Nairobi.

My question is where are the hiding thousands of women and children?