Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two mothers among 168 girls were Mutilated in Marakwet East and Pokot Central districts on December 7th 2010

Two women, including a mother of four, were among 168 teenage girls mutilated in Marakwet East and Pokot Central districts on Tuesday.
Nineteen girls were the first to go through the outlawed rite at Tigenuo Village in Kombases sub-location in the Kerio Valley.

They were mutilated early in the morning, following observation of the position of the moon, a traditional indicator.

A 37-year-old mother of two, who had resisted the rite, gave in at Karamwar Village after her husband allegedly demanded that she be mutilated or he would not continue living with a “child” any more.

Another mother of four, 39, consented to the mutilation in Chepsigot Village in Kerio Valley, saying she had been ridiculed for far too long.

A woman who is not mutilated in the area is not recognised as an adult.

The mother joined teenage initiates in seclusion where they will stay until mid-January this month, this year, when they will graduate.

The other initiates were girls aged between nine and 11 years, from villages in the area, even though mutilation of girls is banned by the government.

A number of girls fled their homes for fear of being forcibly subjected to the rite of passage.

Lobby groups accused the local district children’s department of doing little to protect the rights of innocent and under-age children!!! yes I agree shame on them.

However, the Marakwet district children’s officer, Mr Peter Kutere was, not available for comment. probably hiding because of guilt or he doesn't care!!!!

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