Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Men who married or marrying unmutilated women now they are given a choice to live with a woman who never went through FGM or to lose their inheritance, They chose to force their wives to undergo FGM,

Married women who escaped female genital mutilation (FGM) are being threatened to undergo FGM a report in Kenya has stated.

The report also revealed change of season for practicing FGM from December to August to avoid media spotlight and scrutiny from Government agencies and activists.

"Those who evaded FGM are now being forced to undergo the cultural practice or their husbands be denied land inheritance," said Women Rights Institute for Peace (Wrip) Executive Director Mariam Suleiman while releasing the report.

This was after Wrip undertook project activities geared towards preventing attempts to subject girls to FGM in November and December in Baringo County.

Suleiman said husbands force their wives to undergo FGM to avoid missing out on family inheritance.

Some chiefs and their assistants from the areas were accused of shielding FGM perpetrators from prosecution.

Mutilation period

"In East Pokot District the community in collusion with the Provincial Administration has changed the mutilation period from December to August to avoid the public, Government and media focus that comes at the end of the year," Wrip Executive Director stated.

She added that those who escaped the practice mid year or underwent alternative rite of passage are forced by their relatives to undergo the FGM in December.

The report showed that only 99 girls underwent FGM in the months of November and December while 125 escaped and sought refuge in churches and at homes of relatives who are against the vice.

Suleiman further stated that lack of awareness of constitutional rights has made some girls not to seek legal action against perpetrators of the vice for fear of reprisals from their parents.

"There is need to educate them on laws, the court processes and the outcome especially on the fact that moving to court will not have their parents arrested," she said.

The Wrip boss urged anti-FGM stakeholders to let the campaigns be a continuous process to end the vice.

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