Thursday, January 28, 2010

State ponders teacher’s sex trial options!! KENYA

Story done and researched by Nation Media group...and blogged by Mashua voice for the voiceless.

The government may appoint a special prosecutor to try a primary school headteacher in Makueni District who is accused of sexually molesting young girls under his charge.

State counsel Moses O’Mirera said the case, which has been highlighted in the media, has aroused public interest and the best way out was to get an impartial prosecutor.

“There have been accusations and counter-accusations targeting the police and education officials. I think the best way out is for the matter to be handled by a special prosecutor,” Mr O’Mirera wrote to the Makueni CID boss.


Mr O’mirera said the state was only aware of a criminal case involving the schoolhead, Mr Andrew Kithusi, that occurred last year.

The Nation confirmed that the AG has directed the Machakos State Law office to recall and urgently forward the file to Nairobi.

The AG has also ordered investigations into the alleged defilement of the other girls.

my thoughts I wonder who is representing the young girls? old grown men in authority defiles young helpless girls and they are treated special? what is the need to transfer the case fro Machakos to Nairobi? and the police officers who defiled the young girls still have their jobs! this makes me sick! poor babies...why do rapists keep getting away? where is the value of females defiled raped from childhood they grow thinking less of themselves! AG of Kenya FIRE ALL THE POLICE INVOLVED AND THE TEACHERS PUT THEM AWAY BEHIND BARS FOR LIFE!

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