Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fgm death tolls on the rise in Same district Mashua Against Fgm East Africa

Translation by Lucy Mashua

Tanzania is one of the countries with many ethnic groups, where each tribe have its traditions.
So far there are tribes in the country that still can not change his religion despite the fact that the world has changed and is now on globalization and science and technology system.
In ethnic regions of Shinyanga, Mwanza and Tabora is taboo for a woman to stay the same table with a man they have to eat together, be it night or day and these are traditions that can not be changed by globalization.
There are numerous examples showing clearly that systematic changes have no place in the traditions and customs of ethnic groups in the country and even other African countries.
But there are traditions that in one way or the other is repressive, not incompatible with the teachings of Allah /God and in general are a cruel and sexual abuse is not omithirika.
These rituals are those associated with mutilating baby girl by removing vital organs in their genitals.
Riding the brutal actions of mothers who are part of the parents and are known for the famous name of mutilated, who is paid a great wage and parents of children who are mutilated
Despite the persecution they suffered these children when they underwent the same violence that leads to deaths, the parents seemed thrilled to watch them celebrate by playing drums.
Despite these children mutilated, they are married at a tender age to older men who are twice as old as their fathers.
In some tribes, a girl you prepare all kinds of abuse, including isolation and called 'baby' even if his age is great, just because they are not mutilated and called names a lot of ridicule and large can not marry until they are mutilated.
Tests conducted by the Tanzania Always in the district of Same in Kilimanjaro and Babati in Manyara for the support of institutions of the Gender and Media Southern Africa (GEMSAT), a branch of Tanzania, has revealed that acts of mutilation for girls is rising pace despite the existence efforts by non-governmental organizations (NGO's) fight against such acts.

In the Same District, in partnership with parents mutilators transport have developed techniques to children and Handeni Mheza districts, Tanga Region where they are mutilated before they return home.
In villages Hedaru, Masandare, Kisamri, Billions, Emuguli and razor district Same, Kilimanjaro, girls who reach school age and those schools have been mutilated.Rose Mnyone is activist against violence against girls in the district of Same from non-profit organization The civil war of mutilation of NAFGEM lupiga, says in Same District is a chronic problem of mutilating girls, which so far can not be eradicated due to the absence of genuine pressure from the government.
she says FGM is harmful to girls, including the many lives lost due to bleeding a lot.
Iyeka dance is very popular dance in the Pare tribe, which takes place during the mutilation should make a woman's first birth to his offspring.
To answer the Mnyone, who is a retired community development officer, says that culture is a permanent mutilated woman who delivered but Pare culture has led to the breakdown of many marriages.
It is stated that many men are forced to abandon their wives by their partner and they were physical changes during sex, which occurs more than once after delivery.
The mutilating culture is quickly spreading to other areas like Bendera, Kihurio, Makokane, Karemawe, Kamadufa, Islander and elsewhere in the lower zone.
In trying to eradicate the practice, there is a strategy set by the activists including involving health centers, dispensaries and hosiptali make observations of infants who were sent there for treatment to see if they are mutilated.
The goal of this strategy is to ensure riding acts are arrested and brought to the state forces, though it is stated that the campaign is difficult due to some executives of media dollars and involved acts of corruption from the suspects.
Same District General, Ibrahim Marwa, he joins the activists to fight practice and ordering a campaign to hunt and encourage parents mutilators courteous riding practices to be sustainable.
"The child is entitled to his basic needs and protection, Tanzania has been in collaboration with various institutions to fight violence like this," he said.
the mutilation culture these woman have brought much harm to the children who underwent acts.
you all can remember our article on Debora Daniel (4) of the Village of Imbilili Babati District, Manyara Region is one of the children who were mutilated and died from bleeding a lot.
Studies have revealed that the child had been suffering from frequent colds was mutilated by the command of her parent, believing the right way to heal they sought mutilation but she bled to death for 8 days:(
The child was mutilated on October 11 last year and died October 18, after many days bleeding genitals and there was no effort to save her life until death .
Confidence of the executive officer of the village reported the child's father arrested him, who was arranging a quick burial after our public out cry and asked the police to give us the cause of death and arresting Deborah's father last year through our petition and grass root mobilization (Mashua against fgm foot soldiers)the body was taken and subjected to investigation and identified that the child had been mutilated.
Regional Police Commander Manyara, Parmenas Sumary, he acknowledged that there is much work to educate the community about the cruel practice of female children mutilation, where many are dying by bleeding a lot.
Sumary says the problem is happening events go un reported to police stations, as some parents use deception to claim their children have died of convulsions disease.

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