Thursday, June 9, 2011

After the silly untruthful attacks from the Germany organisation made of two people my sister Linda May wrote this on my behalf.

This organisation in Germany made of two angry women Simone schwarz,Ines Laufer ,their only work is to look for African victims to use their name to get fame and donations as they tried to use me and when I said no they went ahead and slandered me Lucy Mashua I only met this people once they claim to have given me 500$ to use for my children,but guess what Simone schwarz donated 0$, Ines Laufer sent me 150$ the rest was from their friends, WHEN I REALISED THEY WANTED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY PAIN AND SAY THEY ARE THE ONES WHO HELPED BRING MY CHILDREN...WHILE I HAVE WORKED HARD WITH THE HELP OF FAITHFUL FRIENDS FOR 4 YEARS TO BRING MY CHILDREN HERE, WITH A BUDGET OF OVER 20,000 DOLLARS ,I WIRED THEIR 500 HUNDRED BACK AND 0$ TO SIMONE SCHWARZ WHO NEVER GAVE ANYTHING.SO DON'T BE LIED TO , TRUE EYES REALIZES TRUE LIES AND LIARS LIKE SIMONE SCHWARZ AND INES LAUFER OF "TASK FORCE FGM".
! now they have been lying and using Marie Nareku from Kenya as working with them but she said no!it is all about victimizing the victims, and attacking and slandering people who are working towards eradication of FGM, it is a big shame for everyone working honestly, humanly, ethically, and empathic with this issue. Makes me both sad and angry that they use and abuse people, survivors, for their own dirty agendas.
Many thanks to my sister and friend Linda May Kallestein for standing with me then and now. and not forgetting my faithful fans on facebook and twitter.!!.html

Ambassador Lucy S. Mashua, President of Mashua Voice for the Voiceless, International
Assisting and advocating for U.S. refugees and women’s rights
Global Ambassador for Ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
Chairperson of the Worldwide Campaign Against FGM
Leading in lobbying for HR 5137: The Girl's Protection Act sponsored by Rep. Joseph Crowley and Rep. Mary Bono Mack.