Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ines Laufer, Simone Schwarz, and followers are permanently banned from Maasai Men Against FGM.

As I have said please be aware of this two women they are not true to the cause of eradicating FGM, they are RACISTS and CYBER BULLIES everything they say they know they don't have facts they are just attention seekers and we EAST AFRICAN /KENYAN community we say they have nothing they do for us only adding insults and slander they have never helped any project in our community and NEVER TRUST THEM THEY TRIED TO SLANDER ME ,SMEAR MY NAME BUT THEY NEVER SUCCEEDED BECAUSE GOOD PEOPLE KNOW LIARS AND SCAMMERS!!! IN MY OWN WORDS LUCY MASHUA
Take a look of this note from another dedicated ANTI FGM GROUP Maasai Men Against Fgm.
Ines Laufer, Simone Scwarz, Roser Lackner and Nora Splite are permanently banned from MMAFGM.
From The Management of the Maasai men Against FGM.
Honorable Members;
It has come to our awareness that a group of ill-meaning individuals have infiltrated our noble cause. These individuals harbor malice intentions to peril our positive campaign for Education against FGM in Maasailand and elsewhere.
These individuals begun their first attacks by intentionally creating chaos, diverging attention from the issues to their personal ideology. Disguised as foot soldiers against FGM, the individuals arrogantly force their way with the Know-it-all attitude dis-respecting the noble cause against FGM, the members and scaring away other potential members who may not join us due to such archaic behaviors projected by these individuals.
Maasai Men Against FGM have observed that Ines Laufer, Simone Scwarz, Roser Lackner and Nora Splite inhibit a twisted view on humanity as reflected by their comments on this cause's page. It's a pity that people whom we banked on are turning to be a threat not only to our dream of an FGM free zone, but the unity of purpose that brought the group together in the first place.

After issuing a first warning to the cheer leader of these individuals, Ines Laufer, she continued to disrespect our cause, spreading rumors with intent to cause havoc and tarnish the good name , our focus and niche against FGM. We found no otherwise than to permanently terminate their membership in this group.
Our intention is to participate as Agents of positive change and development in our society. We very much welcome individuals as well as a diverse spectrum of other actors to discuss with us on the best ways to eradicate FGM. We're learners but we don't encourage bad teachers. We keep off from unqualified guides or people full of hate for Men or other cultures apart from theirs as the MMAFGM has observed in the case. We do not encourage people who think their culture is superior than any other! We detest racist and ethnicists, people who use racial or ethnic cultural or biological diversity to oppress, undermine or in anyway, dis-respect others.
This group was initiated for the LOVE of our fellow women human beings. We LOVE our women, our daughters our nieces. We belief in the notion that all human beings are created equal. Regardless of their gender, color of their skin, their ethnic belonging, religion or ideological background. We belief that no culture is superior than any other. All cultures have flaws. They're dynamic and flexible. Maasai culture has a lot of bad parts just as the culture that led Hitler and the Nazi Germany to commit a genocide against the Jews for example. Maasai culture is changing to the better, just as the Nazi Germany is washed away and Germany is now one of the best countries to live in. We do not use the genocide history against the present German children. Equally, we find it twisted that someone uses the bad part of our culture against us, even when we've initiated a page for such required reforms.

We as a group knows that Education creates a foundation for open mind, wider perspective and provision of a diversity of alternatives of livelihood and tolerance. Ines Laufer and her disciples should have been a good example for open mindedness.
Our expanded indigenous moral boundaries supports us to embrace the best parts of other cultures as we share the best of our culture with those around us. We do not shy away from learning and we can also be very good teachers. BUT, we dis-like people who fist down their twisted ideologies into out throats. We do not just dis-like these kind of people, but we cut them off from anything to do with us, our people and our ways of life! We say, we do not want their help! Let them take it back to where they come from and leave us alone to solve our own problems.
The Enkishui E Maa taught us to keep focus, to switch off noise as we concentrate on our niche against FGM. Our niche against FGM is education and good morals promoted with love in a humble environment. Meeli Maa repeatedly advised Ines Laufer to focus on issues, be tolerant to other views and keep an open mind.
The writer applied all diplomatic means to keep Ines Laufer in the group even after receiving calls from concerned members who felt they were repelled by Ines' presence. The writer have seen Ines slashing our members and contributors immediately someone mentions EDUCATION as the most effective way against FGM. Ines Laufer even thought that those promoting education lacks empathy for what she calls “slaves of men from the mutilating communities” Every individual in this group mentions education as the most effective means of empowerment not only for the girl-child, but also for the boy-child and the adult in societies where FGM/C is practiced. Thuku, Mwirichia and 181 other members mentioned Empowerment with Enlightenment as a Ines Laufer and her followers trash it as nonsense. Members in this group who originates from societies where FGM/C is practiced have all vowed to protect their sisters against the cut. They are empowered and can retain their ethnic identity but without cutting their girls, or marrying them off too early. They'll let them choose men of their own choice. They'll let them own the right to their own bodies. This is the attitude the Maasai Men are promoting. This is the true empowerment education and good morals provides us with.
Ines believes that there is no need for dialogue, that the “mutilating societies should all be imprisoned”. The writer mentioned to Ines that it may not be practical to build prisons for about 3 million Kenyan Maasai, the same in Tanzania, the Kisii, Pokot, Nandi, parts of Kikuyu, Somalis of Kenya Tanzania and Somalia not to mention the majority of the Islamic world.

Enlightenment brought diverse ways of seeing the world to the West. It does to Africa too. But for Ines Laufer and her disciples, Africans do not deserve to benefit from education because it has now proven not to work for them according to the research papers she claims to be highly reliable. Ines does not believe in dialogue, she wants to drop cluster bombs on “mutilating societies in Africa and Islamic world” to force them drop FGM. She wants to keep them away from education because education according to her, is a waste of time, money and energy. Ines ideology and perception is exactly the opposite of what this group believes in. This are therefore the few reasons the management could provide for the permanent banning of Ines Laufer, Simone Scwarz, Roser Lackner and Nora Splite.
To our noble members, Education is the foundation for positive change and development and a sure way to eradicating FGM in Maasailand! As the Ilaikipiak Lamayio says, Give us wings! Talk to us.

Ambassador Lucy S. Mashua, President of Mashua Voice for the Voiceless, International
Assisting and advocating for U.S. refugees and women’s rights
Global Ambassador for Ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
Chairperson of the Worldwide Campaign Against FGM
Leading in lobbying for HR 5137: The Girl's Protection Act sponsored by Rep. Joseph Crowley and Rep. Mary Bono Mack.