Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In some community FGM thrives despite being outlawed in Kenya. and they say they will not stop.

As KENYA joined in marking the international human rights day, in Kuria several girls lined up to undergo the ritual of female genital mutilation that is currently outlawed in Kenya. Many members of the community say this an integral part of their culture that cannot be discarded overnight. They say they will not stop even if they will be killed one of the mutilators said...and she bragged of how much money she makes per blood shed 400ksh per victim 5$:((. can you imagine government watches this and does nothing? she can mutilate up to a 1000 girls a day:(( ,
This girls are locked up in a dark hut for three weeks to cop with the pain:(( not all make it:(( this is freaking murder!!! I swear I will fight this atrocity until it's history help me GOD!

Ambassador Lucy S. Mashua, President of Mashua Voice for the Voiceless, International
Assisting and advocating for U.S. refugees and women’s rights
Global Ambassador for Ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
Chairperson of the Worldwide Campaign Against FGM
Leading in lobbying for HR 2221: The Girl's Protection Act sponsored by Rep. Joseph Crowley and Rep. Mary Bono Mack.