Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A 10 year old girl in Kenya needs a international out cry , as she was mutilated and dragged ,she tried to run away but she is still lives in the same home where she was violated, she hopes she will continue with her education.

One girl's attempt to escape the knife proved futile after the grandmother hired young men, who dragged her to the circumciser. Here now is the story of her heart-wrenching ordeal.

I would like to know what the government of Kenya doing to get justice for this girl, Her grandmother , the mutilator and the young men who dragged this girl on the ground should be in Jail as we speak!!, This young baby girl needs medical attention ASAP!! She should not be married off to those rapists perverts sycopaths from hell!!She is begging the government atleast to let her continue with her education, she is so sad traumatized and scared, why would she be living in the same house with those heartless humans? ,My loyalty remains to the voiceless my heart bleeds, it is sad to listen this baby talk:(. I told you am tired with lips service and decorations of crapy laws that are never implemeted but are use to manipulate Donars to get more aid, Shame on you for deriving attention,fame and recognition through the pain and suffering of young girls and women!! how do you sleep at night? Pathetic!

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