Thursday, January 12, 2012

A 65 years old mutilator and a government official in Kenya on the run after mutilating 10 girls as young as 7 years old:((.

, After mutilation you become a wife:(!! (sexual slavery).

Police have launched a manhunt for a chief and an elderly woman in Tana River County who subjected 10 underage girls to Female Genital Mutilation late last year.

The Kalakacha location chief is said to have allowed the girls, who included his seven-year-old daughter, to be subjected to the outlawed rite.

The chief ran away after he discovered that police were looking for him.

The woman being sought by police is aged 65 and is suspected to have conducted the rite.

Tana River DO George Kamweru said it was unfortunate that the incident took place under the supervision of the local chief who was expected to protect the children.
On Wednesday, a group of women raided the home of the chief and found ten girls recuperating lying in a Manyatta.

This government official should be fired locked up and the 65 years old mutilator should be jailed with no mercy!!
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