Friday, October 19, 2012

When will UN,WHO,AMNEST INTERNATIONAL,UNFPA,UNICEF,INTERNATIONAL/NATIONAL POLICY MAKERS IN WESTERN COUNTRIES,INTL MEDIA and other sleeping giants give the correct statistics on FGM survivors and victims? This is annoying their fake statistics have never changed since two decades ago. remain 130 million and yet.....By Amb Lucy Mashua

It was over 20 years ago since WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION gave out the statistics of over 130 million FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION survivors in the world!. 2 million every year in Africa alone and a total of 3 million in the world, To this date organisations and media that should know better continue blindly or ignorantly publish the outdated figure to this day CAUSING MORE PEOPLE TO IGNORE THIS ATROCITY OF FEMALE GENITAL GENOCIDE AND DEATHS! Shame on you insensitive clicks!!. The truth is and kindly do the MATH if globally every year 3 million are subjected to FGM,8000 every day one girl every 11 seconds what is the total number? ooh don't forget those who bleed to death,those who die giving birth, those who die slowly due to complications (FGM side effects), Those who are killed running away from FGM, thousands every year who are forced to sex trafficking running from FGM. I SAY YOU DON'T CARE A SINGLE BIT ABOUT FGM OR WHO IT IS AFFECTING BECAUSE THERE IS NO LARGE PROFIT TIED TO FGM LIKE IN WAR,EBOLA ,HIV/AIDS,VACCINES, A CLASSY ATROCITY THAT WOULD GIVE YOU MORE PUBLICITY(WITH FGM WE TALK ABOUT MUTILATED VAGINAS ,BLEEDING AND ROTTEN),TERRORISM AND PRECIOUS MINERALS OR OIL! Shame on you for prying on the weak deriving fame and funds though the suffering of the voiceless. Your work is to silence the unawares by spreading propaganda and filthy lies! Here is what my sister LINDA MAY KALLESTEIN wrote a couple of days ago on her blog,(she did a great documentary in our village called the CUT six years ago). "When I started working on the documentary “The Cut” , the World Health Organization estimated that about 120 million girls and women currently alive were mutilated. Had had their genitals sliced off. And that 2 million new girls joined their ranks every year. That was in 2006. 6 years have since passed. Do the math with me: 6 years times 2 million new victims equals 12 million additional girls and women. This means there has to be over 132 million girls and women who suffer from the aftermath of female genital mutilation. Well, maybe not quite that many. Some of the newer cut ones never made it. They died during or short time after the “procedure”. And I am guessing some of the original 120 million have also died during these years. A few of old age, any type of illness or accidents. However: most of those who have died have done so from late complications of their mutilation. Severe infections that just got out of hand. Childbirth from a too tight vagina and poor maternal healthcare combined. So let’s round it off to an even 130 million currently living victims. In 5 years time you can add another 10 million. Minus those who die, of course. I wish I never had to tell this story again, but as long as the explosive growth of 2 new million girls are added to the population of mutilated females I will continue to tell the story. It will continue to break my heart every time. Make me feel as helpless as I feel I am. Which of course is nothing, compared to the pain and suffering 130 million girls and women experience on a daily basis. Nothing compared to the terror 6000 thousand girls are faced with today. Who probably will not get much sleep tonight, just hoping that they will not bleed to death. Or even just hoping not to pee. Imagine the sting of urine in an open meat sore, where their genitals used to be?" Wake up sleeping,selfish ignorant giants time to update the correct statistics ,apologise, or else we will hold you accomplices to this atrocity and blame the death of thousands of girls and women on you!. I KNOW YOU WILL NEVER INVITE ME ON YOUR PANELS OR YOUR FIRST CLASS CONFERENCES AND I DON'T CARE, MY LOYALTY REMAINS TO MY FELLOW SURVIVORS AND VICTIMS.
Ambassador Lucy Mashua Assisting and advocating for U.S. refugees and women’s rightsGlobal Ambassador for Ending Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)Leading the Worldwide Campaign Against FGMLobbying for HR 2221:The Girl's Protection Act sponsored by Rep. Joseph Crowley and Rep. Mary Bono Mack. and S 1919 introduced by Senator Harry Reid,