Sunday, February 7, 2010


Me and the International refugee choir shortly after the registration of Mashua Voice for the Voiceless Intl here in Dallas texas.... 2007 5th of July

  • In the middle of the night I heard her pray so bitterly And so softly yeah...She prayed for her childrenShe prayed for their education,Then she prayed for the manThat left her with her children.We, praise heroes everyday,But there are those that we forget To praiseThe women of this world.They don't run from anythingThey stand and fight for what's right Oh oh oh...God bless the women Even when times are so hardThey are so cool, calm and collected.They don't run from anything,They stand and fight For what is right They do not run from responsibilitiesThey stand and fight for what Is right
  • Women givers of life I salute you all and you deserve a safe world for you..Happy Womens Day because every day is WOMENS DAY
  • Assisting refugees in the US and representation in advocasy
    The Global Ambassador for fighting Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and standing up for Women’s Rights.
    And the Chairperson of a worldwide campaign against FGM.