Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Man commits suicide over daughter’s ‘FGM' he was worried about the Costs:(

He was worried about the costs of FGM ceremony...and not as FGM is a crime.....how sad :(

On December 20th 2009 A 55-year-old man has committed suicide after his underage daughter was circumcised against his wish.

Mr Joseph Kibiwot Chumwar used a rope to hang himself in Endo Kapen Location in Marakwet East District.

Area chief William Suter said the body of the man was found dangling from a tree. There was no suicide note.

Teach lesson

Grief-stricken relatives said that Mr Chumwar had threatened to take unspecified action to teach a lesson to the people who forcefully circumcised his 12-year-old daughter.

“No one suspected that he was going to hang himself when he took a rope and headed for the animals’ pen,” his brother told the Nation.

The father of seven was against the circumcision of his children and had given his reasons to elders. He told them that he did not have enough animals and coupled with this year’s poor harvest, there was hardly enough to from which to host the ceremony and feed his family.

Rite’s costs

Mr Chumwar is also said to have told the elders that with three children in secondary school, he could not afford the costs of the rite.

But his daughter, who sat this year’s KCPE exams, was allegedly accosted and circumcised, on instructions of the elders.

Mr Chumwar is said to have sent the 12-year-old’s elder sister to visit relatives so that she could escape the ‘cut’.

Relatives have started burial arrangements.

My thoughts to bad his protest was not because he believed that FGM was a crime to his daughter but so it as an expense and he could not afford...may his poor soul rest in peace.
to those elders This elders need to be arrested ASAP and charged for assault and More than that. That is a serious violation of the 12yr olds constitutional rights which outweigh this old outdated customs which is a crime! FEMALE CASTRATION!
Get all those elders and anybody concerned and charge them in court accordingly. No one should be spared. We wait to read something done about this matter so others in future will be warned!

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